107 Pages of Book Three!

It's true; I do indeed have 107 pages on the rewritten Book Three, most of which I've actually this summer. I discovered a new technique that's really helped me go faster, so I've been cranking out probably 10 or 11 pages a day. In the last week, I've written three whole chapters :D Which is good, because I'm about to head to Liberty and have less time to write. (Which is depressing ... I'm getting into some really important and intense scenes right now!) 
     Soon I shall also be starting to post more story/character-related things, such as character studies and plot discussions and fun trivia :) I have a few posts already written, and I'm trying to get stocked up on material before I leave so I won't have to scramble during school to get them written >.
     Hope everyone's having a marvelous week; six days until I leave for college! O.o