16(ish) Days Left

I have approximately 16 days of high school left, and ~25 until I graduate, which I frankly find amazing. Where did the year go? I'm not complaining—at all. But it's just weird to think that next year, I won't be in Texas anymore, where I've lived all my life. I'll be in Virginia, which is super exciting and actually not scary. I'm so eager to go at this point. I've made a friend already via Facebook, and I've contacted my roommate, so I don't feel very nervous about making friends. It'll just be nice to have a change, you know? New places, new faces :) Last night was a little sad, though—we had our last celebration of the fine arts at school yesterday, and they honored all the seniors, so we had to go on stage. Weird to think I won't be there next year ... I've been at my school for 11 years. Which also means I'm totally ready for a change of scenery. I'll still come home for Christmas and Spring Break and all, though, so it's not like I won't be returning anytime soon. It'll be hard to sell books in VA, however, since most people who've read it are in central Texas. 
      Speaking of which, I had an awesome book signing yesterday! I sold out of all 20 books I took; God is great, y'all :) It was one of the more fun all-day events I've been too, as well. 
      Anyway—graduation is nigh, and I'm excited! :D I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the next big chapter of my little life; I'm expecting something amazing :) 
      Have a great week, everyone!