52ish Days to Go!

I'm not exactly sure how many days are left until graduation. I think it's 52. But I could be wrong. Either way I'M SO EXCITED. The longer I'm at my school, the more ready I am to go. Not that it's my school that's the problem or anything; I've just been there for 10 years, and I'm ready to see what's going to happen next :) And things have started to happen! I got some scholarship money, got a roommate, and am basically just about ready to move to Virginia :) After having traveled to Italy a few weeks ago, I think traveling across the country won't be nearly as daunting ... although I'll be staying in VA a little longer than I stayed in Italy ;) But! I'll get to drive through the mountains of Tennessee again, which I'm really looking forward too; they're not as beautiful as the ones in Assisi, but they're quite pretty all the same :) And this time, I'll actually be driving, since this summer I'm going to get my license ... fingers crossed. I've been saying that for a while now, haha. But it'll happen. I promise. 
      Anyway, I'm home sick today. Missing my very last Jog-a-Fun. Darn. actually be my last, but Jog-a-Fun, AP tests, Jr./Sr. ... my memories of those things will be stuck in 2013. 2013 was a good year :) 2014 has just seemed ... slow. Almost languid. Besides the Italy trip, nothing's really happened. Kinda disappointing, really. Oh well. Things will happen in a few months when I head to VA :) I'll be sure to keep my few readers posted ;) Oh! And speaking of readers (that made me think about Book Two), my mom's editing is coming along slowly but surely. I hope to have it to my editor fairly soon ... a few months, maybe. Oh, the process of publishing is slow, guys >.
       Now I'm gonna go work on my extremely late giant Italy post. Hope you're all having a wonderful day/week! :)