Awesome Day at the Lake!

Today was AMAZING! So let me explain what went on before today: Mrs. G sent some of us an email, asking us to attend a secret party for PG13. This was about two weeks ago. A week ago, PG13 -- who was completely unaware of this, by the way -- invited the same people to a party that she had planned, which was supposed to take place the day after the real party. We were all very amused and pretended to go along with it, and we succeeded in fooling her :) So we met at our school this morning, drove out to the lake, and hid in the boat to await her arrival. She was told they were going to a family reunion. We popped out of the boat, shouted, "SURPRISE!", and truly surprised her. It was AWESOME; her face was priceless :D Then we had a great day of skiing, tubing, and food. It was great to see my now college-freshmen friends again and to hang out with them one last time before they head off to school. I'm definitely going to miss them! 
    Hope you all had a great day too! :)