Very Busy Week :)

Hello! I haven't gone off and died, don't worry; I've just been very busy. So this summer, I've done pretty much nothing but edit Book Two and talk to one of my friends, N.B. This week, however, I have a tone of stuff to do that pretty much makes up for my whole boring summer ;) Yesterday, N.B., her mum, and I went to Schlitterbahn. Needless to say, the Torrent River, or wave pool, is still the best ride ... especially after we spent 90 minutes waiting in line to ride one of the big slides one time -.- But yeah, that was marvellous; I haven't been to Schlitterbahn since I was about nine. And tomorrow, I get to go to M.D.'s house for her make-up birthday party. Well, she had one, but some of us didn't get to go. So we're going now. And it sounds awesome! (It includes a movie, IHOP, and something to do with ninjas and water balloons... >:) ) And then on Friday, I get to to with the G's to the lake for three days! Yay! I can get all nice and sunburned before school starts! XD Haha, nah, it'll be great! Oh, and we have 3 new kids in my class this year! My class is the smallest in my high school; we have about 30 kids, and so when we get new ones, they're kind of all we talk about in the days before school starts :} This year, we have two girls, a boy, and a boy who's coming back (he left after 7th grade). And N.B.'s younger brother is coming too. 
     As for the editing of Book Two...let's just say it was stressing me out and I've taken a sabbatical until school starts ;) 
    Anyway, as you can see, I have a lovely, busy week ahead :) If anything weird/funny happens, I will certainly let you know. 
    Have a spectacular week, y'all!! :D

Being Sick

I mysteriously acquired a fever four days ago, and I have been battling low energy, headaches, and being cold for now five days. Needless to say, I feel rather awful :{ I've tried writing, but my head starts swimming after looking at the page for more than a minute or it's doing now. Ugh. Anyway, I had completed 5 more pages on Book Two before I got sick, so hopefully I can bounce back soon and keep going. Only 17 days until I go back to school... *sobs* But at least I have some great classes this year, and I have 4 with my best friend, which is amazing because we haven't had classes together in 3 years :D So I am very excited for that!! 
     Have a great weekend, y'all!! :) 

Update on Book Two!

Okay, sorry I haven't updated y'all in a while -- I've been super busy. Anyway, editing/rewriting is going great; I am now on page 222 (of 435) and am nearly finished with Lliam's section ... that I thought would take only a few days to write. Silly me o.O But it's fantastic, and the guys will love it, I hope; I didn't have just a whole lot of action in Young Falcon, so maybe this time around I can deliver better in the area. But for the girls, there's romance, so everyone will be happy! ;) Haha, I really can't wait for everyone to read Book Two!! Snippets coming soon!
   Have a great week, y'all!

So Pumped!!

Okay, so I was a little bit stuck on the section I'm currently working on (it was a lot of politics and stuff that had to be summarised sort of generally, which I'm not particularly skilled at) and it was honestly a hard section to write -- and I wasn't sure where I was going with it. It was in danger of becoming fluff....and you know how I feel about fluff >.rewrite as in, an entirely new plot as compared to rewrite, as in literally rewrite what I wrote two years ago)! And I'm SO excited, because this new half of Book Two will be absolutely AWESOME!! It may end up lengthening the book a bit because I now have three plots to explore and tie up, as compared to my two original, but I think it will definitely be worth it. And the climax will be very emotional and intense, I believe, which is always good :D YAY!!! And be sure to SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT YOUNG FALCON so you can read this epic new book! Tell everyone you know that loves to read -- and even people that don't. I've had a few of those pick up Young Falcon and love it!
    Have a great week, y'all!!

Sort of Halfway Finished!

The reason I say 'sort of' halfway finished is because I'm still writing more pages, which then makes the page count go up and so I'm never really halfway done...but I'd like to declare this as sort of halfway, anyway :D I have reached page 200 out of 413 (which now makes Book Two longer than Book Three... *sigh*) But it's awesome! And here's a small snippet to celebrate me finishing sort of half of Book Two :) Enjoy!

I woke when it began to rain. Blinking rapidly a few times to clear the water from my eyes, I groaned and tried to huddle up closer to the tree trunk, but my muscles had grown stiff again during my sleep, making any movement a rather difficult and laborious process. Though the forest canopy provided some shelter from the rain, I ended up getting fairly wet regardless. 
Drawing my knees slowly up to my chest, I leaned my head against the trunk, longing once again to speak with Lliam. I tried several times to contact him, but he did not once respond to me, to my bitter disappointment. I just needed to hear his voice again! Was that really too much to ask? Where was he, anyway?
      I stared out at the falling rain for a while, not wanting to let myself drift into thoughts of home and of my family, for such memories would surely only make me feel worse, if that was indeed possible. It would only lead to more tears, more heartache, and more sense of failure, nothing productive or purposeful, at any rate. 
     My eyes began to feel heavy as the hours passed, as did my still-aching body. It would take many days for the trauma of my trip through the Ivalojoki to wear off, I knew, and just sitting in one spot for hours on end was not helping. But what else could I do? I had no way to hunt, nor any way to know if any of the plants growing in the small forest around me were edible. I had never even seen most of them, and it would be tempting fate greatly to try any of them. I was hungry and realised that I would soon need food, from whatever source, but I dared not let myself dwell on this fact; right now, there were more important things with which I could be worrying. 
      Leaning my head back against the damp wood of the tree, I forced all unnecessary thoughts from my head and focused on my upcoming trip to find Efroy, which would no doubt take several days, a very painful several days too, I suspected.  All I could do was follow the river back upstream and hope I could recognise the place Roman had trapped us when I got there. If I got there at all. It was morbid of me to think that way, but after everything I had already been through, I would not be surprised one bit if I got waylaid or carried off on some other unwanted adventure along the way. 
     I closed my eyes, weary to my very bones. How had this happened to me? Or, better yet, why had this happened to me? I had never wanted to get caught up in such strange and violent events, much less had such a large role in them. My feeling of failure washed over me anew and, gritting my teeth in internal anguish and frustration, I fought to control my roiling emotions, but it was hard. So many people had been counting on me! 
      Finding it nearly impossible to let go of the battle within, I finally succumbed to sleep once more, completely exhausted and wishing intensely that I could go back in time to when my mother had asked me if I wanted to go to Hartford City so that I could say no.

More Editing

Okay, so editing is going pretty well; I'm now on page 191 (out of 404) and still working on Lliam's scene -- which might take about ten or fifteen more pages to resolve o.O I wonder how long Book Two will end up being when it's finally published? Haha! A bit longer than Young Falcon, I think ;) Anyway, I'm very pleased with the new Book Two (yes, I have basically rewritten it instead of 'edited' it) and I think y'all will love it, too! :) 
    Hope you're all having a fantastic summer! :} 

Page 182!

Yay! I'm on page 182 (closer to 183, though) and things are going well, if a bit slowly; this section has been giving me a little bit of grief, as I took out what used to be a rather important part of the story and made it...different. Not less important, just important in a different way ;) But I'm nearing the end of the chapter, which will then send me into the next segment of Lliam's story (YES!!), and that should get done fairly quickly. I'm so excited for y'all to read Book Two; it's SO much better than Young Falcon, and the ending will be even more maddening! >:) Haha! Anyway, questions, comments, or suggestion - let me know! :)
   (And Mrs. G, there is in fact a swimming scene in Book Two. Not synchronized swimming, but swimming nonetheless ;) )

Going to See Brave

G.C. invited me to see Brave with her, so tomorrow we're going to go out for lunch and watch the movie. I think it'll be awesome solely because ALL THE CHARACTERS HAVE SCOTTISH ACCENTS, but the reviews I've read said it wasn't a very good movie and not up to Pixar's usual standards. It does have a really predictable plot...but we'll see. Maybe the amazing Scottish accents will even out the plot ;) Either way, I'll let you know what I think of it :)

(And seriously, what's with her hair? If it's to show that she is a 'fiery, spunky, independent' girl, then I FROWN at you, Pixar, for doing that. Could you be any less cliche? *shakes head*)

A Wedding Shower and the Legend of Korra

So, if you were not aware, my brother is getting married, and today is their wedding shower/party-with-amazing-food. It's a long drive, unfortunately... *sigh* But I'll let you know if anything exciting or weird happens :} Also, today is the season finale of the first Legend of Korra season! AND I DON'T HAVE CABLE SO I'LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW WHEN IT'S POSTED ON NICKELODEON'S WEBSITE TO WATCH IT ahhhhhhhhhh!! :'( But anyway, this is a great show, and if you haven't seen it or its predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender, SHAME! You should watch them both!! :) 
   Update on editing: page 170! Yay! *does a celebratory dance* I'm only 15 pages from halfway! Haha... :/ But you will love Book Two (I hope)! It's much better than Young Falcon; it has more of...everything, really :} Anyway -- might be posting another snippet or two in the next few days, so be on the lookout! Farewell, and have a great weekend!!