Lopti (Some Like It Blue)

Okay, my life just got better. I was on Loki's Facebook fan page (and YES, I am currently an obsessed fangirl) and saw this link for a girl who loves comics and cosplay and LOKI! She has this amazing Loki costume and she dresses up as Loki to take these amazing pictures, which she posts on her Tumblr page. Here are some of my favourite pictures she's done:

Loki fans are amazing, especially this girl!! I LOVE her pictures! :D

The Avengers...Again!

I'm going to see The Avengers again tomorrow, along with my friends N.B. and A.S. Yay!!! I'm so excited!! It'll be nice to see it again and kinda review everything - as it was a very long movie - and maybe notice some things I missed the first time ... and see my FAVOURITE VILLAIN OF ALL TIME (Loki) AGAIN!!!!! Ahahaha tomorrow's gonna be awesome!!
    Have a great week!

The Avengers!

I have been DYING to see Marvel's newest superhero film, The Avengers, and I got to see it on Friday (the day it was released). It was amazing! It was 173 minutes of pure awesomeness!! AHHHHH!!! For those of you who have no idea what it's about, here is a summary:
   Loki (from the 2011 movie Thor, which I also reviewed) is back, and this time, he's got an army and is ready to conquer the Earth. Beginning when he uses an ethereal blue cube called the Tesseract to teleport into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s (an agency committed to protecting the world from extraterrestrial threats) headquarters, he begins to get everything lined up so that he can rule the world as their king. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director, Nick Fury, and his team are nearly blown to bits when Loki effectively destroys their headquarters, and Fury realising that Loki is a serious threat leads him to assemble a group of 'special' people to combat Loki and his alien forces. Enter the Avengers. Consisting of six superheros (four of which have had their own movies), the Avengers are a volatile, self-proclaimed time-bomb that has little chance of overcoming their differences and working together effectively. You have Thor, Loki's older brother and prince of the far-off world of Asgard (who also wants nothing more than to take Loki home); Ironman (Tony Stark), a genius playboy philanthropist who's about as selfish as they come; Captain America (Steve Rogers), a WWII soldier enhanced by a serum that's turned him into a supersoldier and is about as selfless as they come; the Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner), who was exposed to gamma radiation and turns into a giant green rage monster when enraged or excited; the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), a Russian spy who is a skilled fighter and gunwoman; and Hawkeye (Cliff Barton), the 'world's greatest markman.' See how this could go downhill pretty quickly? While the Avengers are struggling to work together, Loki's power only grows, and soon the entire world faces total destruction - unless they can somehow manage to work together to fend off Loki's otherworldly forces. 
     The Avengers is packed with breathtaking action, beautiful special effects, hilarious humour, wonderfully refreshing values, excellent characterisations, and a great plot. I give The Avengers 5/5 stars and recommend it to everyone over the age of about 11 (there is some violence and scary creatures, and a few bad words).
    Well done, Marvel. Well done.

Experience Gained!

So...I twisted my ankle playing speedball in PE yesterday (all G.C.'s fault, by the way ;) ), and I hobbled all over school today in a borrowed brace. Fuuuunnn stuff. I actually am kinda thankful that this happened though, because I have a character later on (first appearing in Book Four) that is crippled, so now I have some experience from which to draw when I write about him! Yay! Hahahaha :) Unfortunately, tomorrow is Grandparents' Day at my school - which will involve having to hobble allllll over campus. *sigh* Oh, well; it'll make the character more realistic. I'm all about realistic characters :D
   Hope you have a great weekend! Good luck at state track, PG13 and N.G.!!!

Editing is Actually Going Well

I'm on about page 91 of Book Two, and it's going very well, surprisingly. Considering we only have 3 weeks of school left - and thus, lots of quizzes, tests, and preparations for finals - I've done pretty well to get all the way to page 91 :) I'm basically re-writing everything; that's how bad it was beforehand. In addition to a storyline from Elysia's P.O.V. (point of view), there will be another storyline from the P.O.V. of a rather surprising character - and a much smaller, less developed storyline that functions to show Lliam's and Roman's interactions with each other while hunting Elysia. Yay for side stories! :D The Lliam/Roman one is my favourite of the three, actually ;) Anyway, I may post a snippet or two pretty soon, so be on the lookout, and PLEASE keep praying for Young Falcon's success so I can actually get Book Two published within the next 5 years! ;) I have some events coming up in the summer, so that's a start, but I'll still very much appreciate your prayers!
    Have a great week, y'all!

Some Questions for You to Ponder...

While you're waiting for Book Two, ponder these and decide what you think is going to happen! 
1. Is Efroy dead or alive?
2. Will Elysia make it to Rielture?
3. What happened to Yaron?
4. How will Roman influence Lliam's and Elysia's relationship?
5. What is the significance of the medallion and Nathaniel's reaction to it?
6. Is Veryan still alive after the razing of Meneltauré?
7. What role will the egg have in the fight against Zoser?
8. What will happen with Malitha and Alqua? 
9. Who are the wolves, and where did they come from?
10. Who is Zoser?

Comments and predictions welcome!!

A Tribute

 In tribute to Colton and his awesomeness, I decided to edit some of the pictures I found online. Enjoy!
    Colton's theme is that he's a Messenger for God, and his theme verse is John 13:16: "I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him." 
 And the second picture contains lyrics from his favourite worship song, Everything, by Lifehouse. 

The third reminded me of a song he sang a few weeks ago, Piano Man :) (And forgive my obsession - he's just a cool dude ;) )

God Must Have Greater Plans

As you may or may not know, last night, Colton Dixon was eliminated from American Idol, and today, we his fans are both sad at his loss from the show and excited for his future. As evidenced with past Idol contestants who were eliminated early in the show such as Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Mandisa, this doesn't have to be the end for Colton, and I'm certain that with a heart like his - one after God's own heart - God will bless him richly and make sure he has an amazing future, no matter what path he pursues. He was a huge inspiration to me, as I know he was to millions of others, and I'm eager to see what God has in store for my Christian brother! Colton is an amazing young man with incredible talent! 
    Oh, and he got my book - and he has DEFINITELY earned a character in my series ;)

It's Almost There!

An update on my package (containing a copy of Young Falcon) that I sent to American Idol contestant Colton Dixon: it's in Los Angeles, CA, and should be delivered tonight! :D Speaking of which, Idol starts in 30 minutes...Whoo-hoo!! I'll let you know when I hear back from him, and pray that the best possible results are obtained from this!! :)

Editing Book Two

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I'm going to start editing Book Two again! Sadly, it's going to need some serious work :/ A lot of the second half of Book Two, I wrote when I was 13 and haven't really touched it since (*sigh*...). I'll probably be posting some snippets as I go along, so be on the lookout for those! And remember, I can't get Book Two published until I recoup what we spent publishing Young Falcon, so PLEASE tell everyone you know about it and sell me some more books!!! :)

P.S. Just for fun, here's the very first paragraph of Book Two. Enjoy!

From the prologue, A Hard Lesson:
Roman stared down into the churning waters with loathing, his eyes burning as he searched for Elysia. The bitter taste of failure filled his mouth, and his hand clenched in a painful fist around the hilt of his sword as he angrily surveyed the Ivalojoki’s rocky banks. Why had he chosen to trap them against the shore like that? He should have known that it was their only way of escape, and albeit risky, that they would take it! You blasted idiot, he cursed himself, already thinking with dread and resentment of what Zoser would do to him in punishment for this latest disaster. Roman still had tender bruises from his last beating, and the thought of another made him cringe. And worse, what if Zoser reassigned this project to Lliam, as he had all the others Roman had failed to complete to his satisfaction? This assignment was such an important one, too; frankly, he had been both shocked and proud that Zoser had put him in charge of it. Roman writhed with internal agony at the thought of Lliam stealing yet another assignment from him—it would only serve to further elevate his faultless brother and lessen his own standing before Zoser. He could not let that happen, not again. Watching the angry waters, Roman burned with a desperate desire to rectify his latest mistake.