Young Falcon's Send-Off

Okay, tomorrow is the day! Young Falcon is getting sent to Colton Dixon tomorrow! I wrote him a 3/4 page note and basically told him how awesome he is, so hopefully that along with the book will get me a note in response ;) So excited! Pray all goes well and Young Falcon doesn't get lost on the way there or something tragic ... Haha! Hope y'all have a great week! :)

I'm Going to Send Young Falcon to Colton Dixon!

So, on American Idol tonight, I saw that some girl sent my favourite contestant, Colton Dixon, a prom invitation, and my mum was like, "Hey, you should send him your book!" She was joking, of course, but I thought that was actually a good idea, so I am, indeed, going to send Colton a copy of Young Falcon. He's a very strong and vocal Christian, and on his Facebook page, he said he's trying to write back to all the letters he's getting, so I thought 'What the heck? Why not?' That'd be SO COOL if he read my book! It'd be pretty sweet if he, you know, mentioned it on his Facebook page or Twitter page, too ;) I'll leave it up to God as to the response from Colton. Wish me luck! :D

Quality Books and Page 86

Ok, some updates for you! I'm currently on page 86 of Book Four, page 13 of The Rat Race, and I'm loving both! (I am, however, having some conflictions about The Rat Race's plot, but those will hopefully be resolved soon.) Book Four's events are heating up nicely, and the first major battle scene is coming up soon! Mini spoiler: Zoser will be there, and so will Nathaniel :) I'm excited!!
   Also, Young Falcon has been accepted by Quality Books, an organisation that distributes new books to libraries all over the country. Praise God! Small steps now that will lead to bigger steps later ♥ Hopefully, this will get the book some good exposure; I'm dying to read a fanfiction. Haha! ;) Anyway, they've ordered 5 books to start with and hopefully more will follow. Please continue to pray for Young Falcon's success so that I can share the next stories of Sons and Daughters with the world and use the talent God's blessed me with! I hear all these stories of now-famous authors (such as Christopher Paolini) who started out very small and stayed that way for a while, and then something happened to bring their work into the public eye, so I have faith that God will do the same for me when the time is right. It's hard to wait, though ;) 
    Hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to post more often, but it's spring, and spring is always busy. Have a great weekend! :)

First Pages of the Rat Race

I started over on The Rat Race, 'cause I really did NOT like the 11 pages I have so far. Ugh, I'm not good at writing about modern times >.That's what happened!" :} Yay! I may post some of it on here later on. And just in case you're curious or anything, the main characters of The Rat Race are going to be an 18-year-old guy named Sam and a 16-year-old girl named Johnson ... and few other various teens. Fun stuff!
   Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)


Ok, so here's how yesterday went: I went to get my hair done at 10:30 (which included an initially awkward conversation with the hairdresser, but once we started talking about The Hunger Games, it got less awkward ;) ), drove to Salado, ate at Arby's, and then went to the Central Texas Area Museum. Most of the authors were already there, so we visited for about 30 minutes until 1:00 rolled around. I got to meet Elizabeth Moon, who was a fellow fantasy writer and the winner of the Nebula Award. She was very nice and quite a character. There were no people in the audience at first, but soon some came in. We only had about 20 people there by the time the speeches started, which was a bit disappointing. We all gave our speeches, had snacks and punch, bought/signed books, and then left. It was fun, but not the most exciting event I've been to. Then we drove to my dad's cousin's daughter's wedding. I got to wear my new purple gown, which is the fanciest dress I've ever had. And with my hair up and curly and my diamond necklace, I looked pretty schnazzy, if I do say so myself ;) The wedding was at an Episcopalian church and was very long, but the reception was very fun!! It was in this really fancy country club (which looked like a house from Pride and Prejudice), and we all had champagne/wine glasses (mine had Diet Coke, though) and were eating food off the servers' little trays and all that. Dude. I felt so fancy!!! It was AWESOME!!! Best wedding reception ever!! :D

   And today, I got to watch the first two episodes of the new anime series, The Legend of Korra, and they were fantastic! I love it so far!! The only thing that annoyed me was that two of the characters' names were pronounced differently than I had been imagining: Mako is apparently pronounced mack-ko. I had been saying may-ko. And Bolin is apparently bo-LIN, whilst I had been putting the emphasis on the bo (BO-lin). Oh well. ;) The second episode (and a video that shows 'what's coming up on The Legend of Korra!') hints that Mako and Korra will be having some romance, which I really hope happens in compensation for the loss of Zutara!!!! :D :D 

   So yeah; that was my weekend. PG13 and N.G., let me know how the choir competition and modelling went!! :)

Approaching Events

This weekend, I am attending the Readers' and Writers' Round Table event in Salado, TX, and I get to make a 5-10 minute speech about Young Falcon and sign books. Yay! I'm not so excited about the speech, especially since I'm going first, but personally, I love signing books :D There are going to be 9 other authors there, including two other sci-fi/fantasy writers. One of those is PG13 for reaching 100 pages on her book!! So proud of you; keep it up!! :D

I've Been Walking for Four Hours

My mum took me dress shopping today. My dad's cousin's daughter is getting married next week, and it's going to be a fancy wedding, so I had to buy a gown. We went to the mall, visited about six stores, got a Roman palus-style deep purple gown for $28 (originally $169) and then, unfortunately, had to visit about eight more stores looking for shoes to go with the gown. Then we had to go to Hobby Lobby to buy some things, and then to the store. We just got home a few minutes ago - we left at 11 o'clock this morning. UGH. I feel like I just ran another 5K o.O I like the dress a lot, but I wish it hadn't been so hard to find it and the shoes. Sometimes I hate having so many options...most of the time, actually. And unfortunately, I've had no time to write on Book Four, as I've been working on my spaghetti bridge project and have been visiting with my brother and his dog, Apollo. We went to see John Carter last night, and it was AWESOME! Great movie, if predictable. G's, y'all would like it a lot, I think :) 
    Hope everyone is having a great Spring Break! God bless!! :)

Almost to Page 80!

Yay! I'm almost to page 80 on Book Four, but because my brother is home from college and I have to build a spaghetti bridge for Geometry, I'm not going to have a whole lot of time to write over Spring Break. But I like how Book Four is going so far; there have been some very fun interactions between the characters :} My brother brought his dog, Apollo, home with him, and right now, he is about 10 feet away from me in his crate. He's an Australian shepherd/Pitbull mix, and he's cute, in a weird way...He loves playing Frisbee :)) 
    Anyway, hope y'all are having a great Spring Break, and please continue to pray for my book and me as I attempt to find more readers. Thanks; God bless! :)

Spring Break!!

I am SO GLAD to be done with school for the next nine days. Oh, thank you, God! *falls down on the floor from exhaustion* And I'll have time to write! In between working on my Spanish project...and building my spaghetti bridge...and visiting with my brother, who's home from college....Even during the break, there's so much to do! o.O But I got a 94 on my Chemistry test! Yay!! It was over stoichiometry, which I did NOT understand at all when we were learning, but apparently I understood it on the test! *shrug* And I saw the M's at Culver's when Dad and I went after school was let out! Yay!! They're so awesome :D So yeah...gonna write a lot this week (hopefully) and have fun relaxing! Update on Book Four - things are starting to move a little more quickly and are definitely getting more intense. I'm lovin' it! :)
    Hope you all have a great Spring Break as well! God bless!! :D

Book Four is Well Under Way

I'm currently on page 53 of Book Four, and it's going swimmingly :} I'm really loving this one so far; it's by far my best work (except for a few parts in Book Three which I'm quite fond of) and so I think it will be the most intense book to date. Big things are definitely going to happen in this book, and while the pace is a bit slow, it's certainly not lacking in important content. One of the twins even gets his first kiss in Book Four, and I'm REALLY looking forward to that :D Of course, that's a lighter moment ... one of the few. This book is, like I said, far more intense (and darker) than the previous three. Fun stuuuuufff!!!! :D I can't wait for y'all to read it! 
    Hope you had a great weekend, and hope your week is spectacular! :}