BCA Book Signing = Success!!

I had a book signing/interview at the school that shares my church campus, and I sold 35 books! It was a ton of fun, even though I'm completely exhausted and will probably sleep until, like, 10:00 tomorrow ;) I got to leave school during 4th period today, and my mom and I ate at Wendy's and then drove to my church. I signed 19 books (which had been pre-ordered and therefore got special treatment ;) ) while we waited for the interview to start at 2. Then Polly, the school's librarian, took me into this large room where the kindergarten-4th graders were waiting. She introduced me and asked me questions such as:
- Do you like spelling and grammar? (and, Do you think it's imporant?)
- What was your favourite book as a kid?/Who is your favourite author?
- How long did it take to get published?
- How did you come up with the idea for the story?
- Is this the first book you've ever written?
- How many books are going to be in this series?
and other such questions. After 30 minutes of us talking, the little kids asked me questions, then I went outside and sighed books, then came back in and repeated the process with the 5th-7th graders, which had slightly different questions, as they're older. I signed more books after that, and then did a third interview with some parents who had home-schooled kids ... And then finally, at about 4:45, got to go home. Whew. Fun (and tiring) stuff. I'm so glad I got to do this, though; it was a wonderful experience, and I'm so thankful God allowed so many books to be sold!
    Have a great weekend, y'all!!!! :D 

Late Report on the Valentine's Dance

Oh, the Valentine's Dance...First and lamest dance I've ever been to ;) The first problem - it was in a small barn, and it was so dark we literally could barely tell who was who. There were alternating green and red sparkling lights, but that really didn't help much. Second problem - the music was too soft. It was kinda hard to even hear the words well. Third problem - there weren't enough boys. The girl-to-boy ratio was way off, and at a dance, that's unfortunate. PG13, N.G., M.M., and I 'danced' a little bit, but I found this kinda pointless, so M.M. and I went over to one of the picnic tables, which had six or seven little candles on them, and both played with the candles and talked about boys. Ah, the boy conversations; those are fun ;) Really, that was the highlight of my night....pretty sad. (There was a chocolate fountain, too, but I didn't feel like eating much chocolate.) But yeah, M.M. and I had a great conversation...which was also a little awkward, because we each like someone that the other knows really well. Haha ;) 
    Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! Hope it was better than mine! ;)

First Dance Tomorrow!

Eh...more like 'hanging out with friends whilst eating food, playing games, and occasional dancing,' but it's basically a dance. For Valentine's Day. Sadly, I didn't get asked to go with anyone, but I did get asked (by a boy) if I was going. Not quite the same thing, but good enough ;) I'm spending the night with the G's tomorrow, as they're also going. So it should be fun :) I will post with the full details on Saturday. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Review of The Promise

It's very short....
    'The Promise' is only 76 pages and kind of packs too much into those pages. Things move VERY quickly. For example, it takes Zuko all of about 5 pages to go from heroic Fire Lord/Aang's best friend to...moody, paranoid Fire Lord who's intent on working against Aang's attempt at restoring peace. *sigh* THAT'S TOO SHORT!!! You can't have good characterization and transition in 5 pages! URGH. The rest of it's fine, though, apart from the very quick pace and strange Zuko transformation....Hopefully the next episode will resolve some things :}

The Promise

There's a new manga out for Avatar: The Last Airbender, and so I bought it tonight on Amazon. It takes place a year after the last episode of book three and offers a more concrete ending to the series (if only that included Zutara... *sad sigh*) Can't wait to read it! :D And yes, N.G., you can borrow it when I'm done ;) 

I Finally Learned to Read Manga!

I'm so proud of myself. I've attempted to read manga (Japanese anime books) before, but have been unable to master the art of reading it o.O I finally figured it out yesterday. I was attempting to read the first book of Tsubasa and after a few pages of struggling, I just all-of-a-sudden figured out how to read it. It was strange. Anyway, a day later, I'm on the 8th book in the series, and I watched the first TV series episode tonight as well. Fun stuff! :)