Approximate Release Date For My Book

Ok, my publisher Sheryn Hara gave me an approximate release date for my book, which is titled Young Falcon (and NO, it's not about birds), at that is around my birthday, November 14. Because it's been taking a while to get all our questions answered and getting the money and all that jazz, it's not going to be released in September like we originally thought, but I sort of like this better: it'll be the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! *spazzes out* Muahahaha!!
     So anyway, I'll let you know the exact date - if y'all even care - as time gets closer, but for now, Young Falcon will be released around November 14.
     I'm so excittttttteeeeddddd!! :D


  Every time someone asks me, "Oh, you've written a book? What's it about?", my mind goes blank and I just kinda go, " know...It's complicated..." 
     Yeah, not exactly the most exciting blurb ever.  
     So since my book's gonna be published soon, Mum decided that I needed to be able to tell people what my book is about and answer any questions they have...intelligently. As much as I like writing, that's how much I hate talking...sometimes ;) 
     So! I recorded myself answering such questions as 'What's your book about?' and 'How'd you come up with these ideas' and general stuff like that, and then I go back and listen to it so that I can hear myself saying it and get used to what I'm supposed to say (I read from a script). And so's worked! Now anytime someone asks me what my book is about, I can actually tell them! And it's SOOOO helpful! *tips hat to Mum* 
     Just listening to what I'm supposed to say has really helped me, and I'm glad that I can now explain my book to potential readers, because otherwise, with my "Um, it's complicated,' answer, I'm sure I would turn away more people than I would intrigue! 
      Thanks to my wise Mum; she knew what she was talking about! (Not that I'm surprised or anything... ;) )

This is How Lame I Am

I saw on Christopher Paolini's website - - that he made a myspace profile for Eragon, and this inspired me to make Facebook profiles for a few of my characters. I filled out all their interests and favourite books and quotes and all that funny. I even put pictures of the actors/actresses :D Yep, I'm lame; get used to it ;)But you can't search for them; I'm protecting their identities for a while ;) Fuuuuun stuff :D

And My Boredness Has Revealed Itself :)

Got bored today and decided to make a mock cover for my book. It's probably nothing like the real cover's gonna be, and it's not very good anyway, but I like graphic design :) It's fun to imagine what the cover will be like... So here's a fake cover, featuring Miss Bella Thorne, who kinda looks a little like Elysia (but only a little), and Garrett Hedlund (my favourite actor).
This one has Elysia.
This one has Lliam.

Financial Fun

Still trying to work everything out about the book! Dad looked over the proposal today and then he had Mum send Sheryn an email asking all of our questions. Fuuuun stuff. I'm also trying to figure out what I'd like on my cover, and since there's gonna be like 8 books, I'm trying to find something that will work for all the different covers and yet be a little different every time...I've got a few ideas, but nothing great. I'm excited to see what Ms. Hara's team will come up with. I hope it's really awesome :D Really jazzed for the upcoming process of getting my kids' story published!!!! :D :D

Memorial Day Fun

So, this weekend, Mum, Dad, Brother, Brother's girlfriend Wade, and I went to our friend's condo on the lake for two days. Mum had already been out there for a night because her ladies prayer group spent the night, and Brother and Wade went up early Friday morning. Dad and I went on Saturday, and when we got there, we finished watching Ocean's Eleven, which was actually a pretty good movie. Then Brother and I went swimming for an hour at the pool while Wade watched. Then we went to eat and then came home. The next day, Brother, Wade, Mum, and I went out into the country to climb Enchanted Rock, which was AWESOME. So fun! And really tiring, too, but the views from the top were totally worth it. We trekked around from 9 to 12 on the loop trails and around the lake and all over the place. I may post some pics later...Then we went to eat at a seafood restaurant and when we got home, we watched Secretariat. It was pretty good. Then we went out and swam in the lake water, which was extremely cold, but it felt good. :) The next day, Wade took us to her grandparents' house down the road, and her grandpa took us out on the boat. The water was pretty choppy, but it was really fun; we got to see all the million-dollar lakefront houses! They were so cool. Next we went home and went back to the beach, where this random white duck came up and started quacking at us. Brother went to go get some crackers to feed it, and while they were two years out of date, the duck loved them anyway. Wade then started quacking to the duck, and he quacked back. She started chasing him too, which he didn't like too much, but it was so funny! :D Haha, good times at the lake :)

Vote For Scotty!!

thank you, that is all. :)

I Got the Proposaaaaaal!

Yesterday, I recieved the literary publishing proposal from my publisher Sheryn Hara of Book Publishers Network, and it basically outlined all of the costs involved for getting Young Falcon and the subsequent novels published. You wanna know approximately how much it's gonna cost?
     Around 7,000 to 8,000.
     No idea how we're gonna get all that money, but hey, with God all things are possible! So I'm not really worried about the money, or how long it's gonna take to get it, 'cause I'm on His timetable anyway, and there's nothing I could do to speed the process up anyway...And maybe my school and church buddies could help me raise some money. Maybe even the local radio station! Haha I'm gonna take over the world! ;)
    But I'm still really excited BECAUSE IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! There's hope! And as long as there's hope and God, everything will work out fine. Which means that everything will always work out, 'cause God is always gonna be there. How reassuring! :)

Update on My Book!

Ok, so Sheryn Hara is sending me my proposal today, and I just heard back from her after I sent her my synopsis, main points, and marketing...stuff, and here's what she said:

Elizabeth, thank you so much for sending the synopsis. I usually provide my cover designers with a synopsis so they can come up with an appropriate design.
     I am on my way to the post office to send off your proposal.
     Please confirm with me when you receive it and I’ll look forward to talking with you (and your mom!) after you’ve had time to review.
      Regards, Sheryn

So excited!!!! Can't wait to see my proposal!! :D

Scotty-Boy's Gonna Be in the Finale!!!!!

Praise God! Scotty McCreery, age 17, is going to be competing in the finale of American Idol next week, along with 15-year-old Lauren Alaina, who is also a country singer. I'm so glad these two were chosen to compete; I think they definitely deserve it. Personally, I'm very, very glad that Haley Reinhart didn't make it; I didn't get the feeling she's very polite and nice off-stage, nor do I think she's as good as Lauren and Scotty.
     AHHHHHHH!!!! So happy for my big brother!!! :D Can't wait to see how God uses him and this opportunity for His glory, and I'm so excited that Scotty gets this fantastic chance to use his God-given talents and probably get to lead dozens of people to Christ as well. 
    Fantastic day!! Have a great week, y'all, and VOTE FOR SCOTTY!!! :D