Editing and Sending

So Mum and I have been editing my prologue again before sending it off to the agent (and after I added 4 pages' worth of new material the other day) and we finished editing it yesterday! But before we sent it, she wanted to read over my query letter again, so that took a good while, because she insisted on reading everything, like, 3 times. But finally, at 10 last night, we sent my query to Mary Kole of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency! Yay! I'm so excited!! I was also glad we got to send it yesterday because a) it was Saint Patrick's Day, so it'll be easy to remember what day we sent it. b) it was Saint Patrick's Day, and I'm Scotch-Irish, so kind of a fun heritage day for me :). c) it was the 17th (my favourite number) of the year 11 (my second favourite number). Just a little bit of fun trivia for you there. :) doesn't seem like this is all really happening. I mean, I started writing this book 4 years ago when I was twelve and yeah, I dreamed of getting it published, but now that it's really happening....*takes a deep breath*.
   This is a bit how I'm feeling right now:
     Psalm 117
     Praise the LORD, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD!
   God bless you!!


My good friend M.D.'s grandmother died after falling and hitting her head. Please pray for M.D.'s family and for her grandfather, especially, as they go through this hard time. However, M.D. and her family know that her grandmother is in Heaven with our Lord, so that provides much reassurance to them amidst sorrow. Praise God that she was saved, and praise Him that another of His children has come home.


My prayers go out to those in Japan, Hawaii, and everywhere else affected by this latest crisis. It breaks my heart to see so much suffering and loss of innocent life, as I'm sure it does yours, but remember this - God is in control. Every life affected, He knows about. Every life lost, His heart breaks for. Every child scarred by this event, He will comfort.  “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not fear, even if earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. Let the oceans roar and foam. Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!” Psalm 46: 1-3. What an awesome promise from our God! If He loves us enough to send His own son to suffer and die for us, how much more will He guide us and comfort us in times of trouble such as these? Our God is an awesome God - never doubt it, no matter what others say.
    Have a blessed day, and keep those affected by the tsunami in your prayers. Prayer is a very powerful thing.

Crunch Time!

Ok, I have made a decision - I'm giving Mr. P until the end of spring break to reply to my email and/or send me the notes from Young Falcon, 'cause he's had the darn thing since Christmas break and has had PLENTY of time to finish it. So it's time to move on. By the end of spring break - no matter what - I'm sending my book to the agency. (I'M SO EXCITED! AHHHH!!)
    Brother's coming home from college tomorrow!! Yay! He's gonna help me spiffy-up my query letter, along with Mum, and we'll get it all ready to send.
     Also - pray for Adam Lambert. God's put him heavy on my heart this week, so I just wanted to let y'all know to pray for him as well. He needs our prayers, guys! When believers pray, miracles happen!
     Have an amazing, God-filled spring break! :)


Today at my school, we had a day of running. Every year, my school makes us send out letters to 20 people we know, asking them to sponsor us in the race by sending us money, and if you send 20 letters, you get a free t-shirt and you 'get' to run. But if not, you have to stay in the library and do worksheets allllll day. Fun stuff.  
    So the elementary and junior high run in a circle around the soccer field for 30 minutes at a time (each grade runs for 30 minutes) and you have to run 20 laps in order to either get a party (elementary) or a day off from school (junior high). The high school (a.k.a. me, my friends, and about 100 other people) 'get' to run a 5K (3.1 miles normally, but ours is actually 3.8 miles), which consists of three gigantic laps around the school and you have to complete it in an hour in order to get a day off. You can walk it, but you probably won't finish unless you're a very, very fast walker.
   Sooo we started running at 1 o'clock (not the best time to run, because it gets pretty hot and you're running for an hour) and there's this one guy, M.M., who is on his third lap by the time I'm starting my second. o.O He's REALLY fast!! And his sister, M.M., did the same thing, and she even ran a fourth lap with G.C.! Yeesh, people, quit making the rest of us feel so slow! :) But I really liked running the 5K, because you actually get to run by the woods and the baseball field and it's not just a little circle around the soccer field. And you have an hour instead of only 30 minutes.
    Oh! And when I got to the baseball-field part, I was running (unlike some people) and one of the kids who was on Safety Patrol (who were guiding us on the course) started running with me 'cause he said, 'Everyone else is walking!' and that...made my day.  He ran all the way around the field with me and waved at me on the next lap. Awesome!! God blesses us in unexpected ways, doesn't He? 
    Hour of running today = gooood stuff :)


Getting my book copyrighted today! Whoot! Apparently Dad thinks I need to get it copyrighted so some weirdo person with no life won't steal my manuscript (I mean, seriously. Who goes around looking for unpublished manuscripts to steal?) But I agree; it'd be best to get it as protected as possible.
  So, we found this online copyright submissions website (the official Library of Congress Copyright Office website) and I'm submitting my book to them today, for a small fee of...$35.  Well, it was gonna be $60 to send it in the mail, so Dad decided to do this one. And apparently it takes approximately 4.5 months to get one's certificate of yes-we've-gotten-your-work-and-its-now-copyrighted when you submit online, and 15 months when you send it in the mail.  But they said you don't have to wait for the certificate to proceed with publication. (Whew!) So it's all good. :) 
  Look out, Andrea Brown Literary Agency! Elizabeth Anne is coming soon!! 


OH. MY. GOSH. It's been a full week since I sent my band teacher an email, asking him nicely to send me the notes he's taken on Young Falcon and send them to me so that we could go ahead and send it to my soon-to-be-agent!! And he hasn't even responded. -.- But then...he did have a TAPPS band competition this week...and he's pretty I'll give him that. But he's had the book since Christmas and it's only 270 pages. He hasn't read it in so long he's forgotten what's happening! *sad wail* Arg. Waiting is so, SO hard! I mean, I've been working for four year on this thing; I wanna get it published already!
 But I'm on God's timetable. *takes a deep, calming breath* Remember that, Elizabeth Anne. God's timetable, not yours.
 Fun stuff, huh? And now my friend K.N. is reading it, because she wants to go to college to be an editor (maybe), so I thought, What the heck? and decided to let her read it whilst I wait on my band teacher.
 I'll let y'all (and YES, that's a real word) know if he replies
 Have a fantastic weekend!!

Wild Onions!

Have you ever had a wild onion? Like, a real wild onion? The ones you find near creeks and that you have to pull up out of the dirt? I had some today, and I now officially declare them amazing works of art! My friend G.C. and I went on a trail run (a term used at my school referring to going down near the creek) during yearbook to take pictures and G.C. pauses on our way to the creek and she says, 'Is that onion grass?' And so we stop and pull up the grass and at the end of the grass blade is a tiny, dirty little onion! We peeled off the dirt-covering and found a pure, white onion beneath and, being freshmen, decide to try them. WILD ONIONS ARE AMAZING!. They've got this weird, spicy zest that you don't really find in store-bought onions and they're also really hot.  So we ate quite a lot of them, and G.C. put a few in her pocket to put on her sandwich for lunch. Once she ate her sandwich, she looked over at me and said, 'This is a most excellent sandwich'. :)
 Wild onions - epic win.
 Thank you, God, for wild onions!!