Book Three Begins! (Again)

If you didn't already know, Book Three has been finished since before Young Falcon was published. But since I just finished rewriting Book Two, many things in the story have changed, so Book Three must be rewritten, at least partially, to accommodate these changes. I think the last half of it will be fine, but the first half I've never been overly fond of. It'll be good to rewrite it and finally get a beginning I like :) 
       Still waiting on my reviews from PG13, A.M., and T.C.—I'm hoping they'll be great reviews that I can post everywhere! :) After that, I'm going to send requests to some fellow authors and see if they'll review it for me, so I can put those on the back of Book Two when it's published. I'm intending to put part of a review from either PG13, A.M., or T.C. on the back, just to have a peer's review there along with some older, more experienced people.
       I'm super excited for Book Two! I hope I can get it published before I head off to Virginia, but we'll see. God's timing is perfect, after all, so whenever it's published is when it was supposed to be published :)