A Brief Update on Book Two

There's not all that much to report. PG13, A.M., and T.C. are reviewing Book Two to make sure it's appropriate for my intended age range (and that I didn't embarrass myself with a bunch of glaring errors), and my mom is editing as well ... though pretty much all she does is have me change a word here and there so my meaning is more clear. Once she finishes, I'll give it to my principal, who used to be a professional editor, and she'll read over it as well. And then I can send it to my REAL editor, Julie, and the publishing process shall begin :) I have book events/signings coming up for about four weekends in a row -- one of which is the Gathering of the Scottish Clans, which I attend every year anyway -- and then some various holiday bazaars and events. So yeah, that's where Book Two stands right now. 
      Hope you're all having a great week!