Character Profile: Zoser (sort of)

We first hear mention of Zoser in Young Falcon when Lord Riyad (governor of Meneltauré) reveals that there is another young assassin besides Lliam working for the humans’ mysterious leader—this, of course, is Roman. Elysia knows the tales of the War of the Red Moon, the first great battle between the elves and humans, and later learns that Zoser was the instigator of that seven hundred-year-old war, as well. Though baffled by his timelessness and virtually negligible information about Zoser, also known as Neron, she doesn’t have her first encounter with the man until Fallen Rose. He isn’t exactly what she expected—blonde, blue-eyed, well-mannered, and seemingly filled with true love for his people, Zoser presents the greatest threat to the elves’ comfortable lives. But Lliam has no love for his employer, and Elysia suspects a darker side to this man who wishes to reclaim her home for his own people in revenge for past wrongs.

I would love to tell you all about Zoser; besides Lliam and Roman, he’s one of my favorite characters in S&D. You’ll learn some fascinating tidbits about his past (who is Cerwin’s mother?), get a thorough glimpse inside his head, and come away with a solid understanding of who he is as a person. After all, evil people never believe themselves to be the villains. Is he really evil? Or do the elves deserve this, after everything they did to the humans during the last war?

One of the major focuses in Book Three will be the grey areas of war and interpersonal conflict. If you thought there was tension in Fallen Rose, wait ‘til you get your hands on Book Three! There is drama galore, mostly fueled by our favorite sulky assassin, Roman. War looms ever closer, driven by the reappearance of Zoser’s oldest enemies (it ain’t the elves) and members of a certain fiery nature.

Zoser becomes a main character in Book Three—he has his own storyline, and I can tell you that there will be some high-seas adventure! Maybe even some swashbuckling? No, don’t worry, I’m not throwing pirates into the mix ;) And through everyone’s storylines runs the question: who is right? The humans? The elves? Can they both possibly be right? Hmm, philosophy—gotta love it. Since I know everyone’s entire backstory, know who’s right, but as the story progresses, I’ll tease the question until you hate me. (But hopefully you’ll still like me enough to buy the books! :) ) 

So I can't tell you a lot about Zoser yet, but know that you'll be seeing much more of him in Book Three, as well as Cerwin, the twins, Haidan, Elysia, and some new characters as well! The guy’s got his own storyline. It’ll be great. And if, for some reason, you haven’t yet read Young Falcon and / or Fallen Roseget yourself a copy pronto