The End Approacheth

We have about 3 weeks of school left. How is this even possible? I honestly don't know. I seems like I literally just started my junior year. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. These next few weeks will be INSANE. I take the SAT tomorrow, and I have two AP tests rapidly approaching -- and I'll be spending lots of quality time with my AP Bio class reviewing for that exam >.

     Which is also slightly horrifying, because that means my senior friends will  be gone, and I don't know how I will survive without them (I'm only partially joking here). There is, of course, my best friend PG13, and about 4 others that I will dearly miss. Is it possible that they'll be college freshman later this year? Oh my. 
    For me, the older kids are the ones I've always looked up to for inspiration and guidance. Next year, my class will be 'the older kids,' and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle not having any older friends :/  It will be very odd and very hard to adjust to, methinks. I'll try and blog about how next year goes as often as I remember I have a blog ;) But no worries, I will blog a gigantic 'seniors-I-will-miss-you-so-much' post after graduation and after I have pictures and everything. So that will be coming up in the next few weeks :)
     Hope you all are having a great week!!!