Fallen Rose Review from Author Marta Stahlfeld

I got a review of FR by author Marta Stahlfeld! (Check out her blog here.) Thanks so much for your awesome review, Marta!! 

"Fallen Rose is a thrilling, emotional story that continues the epic journey of remarkable characters and their struggle to make the right choices under intense pressure. The new characters introduced in this book add a wider view of the struggle between the humans and the elves. Lliam’s personal struggle is so well-crafted that the reader cannot be sure which side he will choose until he chooses. In short, Fallen Rose is a masterpiece—a worthy sequel to Young Falcon." 

Fallen Rose will be out next month; keep an eye out!
Look for Marta's new book Graystone coming out soon, too! 


Here's something to add to my review - everything I said about the last book applies to the new book as well!

I have posted an excerpt of my book, Graystone, on my blog for anyone who is interested! http://martastahlfeld.blogspot.com/2014/11/meet-graystone-character-conc...
Marta Stahlfeld