Germany, Here I Come

The wee one is finally here, and we're headed to Germany to see her very soon. I've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time and am eager to hop the pond to see them all! 

    In the meantime, G.C. and I are headed to a play tonight to see a fellow author and her siblings perform. It'll be performed outdoors, but thankfully, the play doesn't start until 8. In other words, pray we don't faint from this dern Texas heat ;) 

     I'm still working on getting my driver's license. Maybe I'll get it before my twentieth birthday. Maybe. Haha! 

      B3 has grown by a few pages, and TRR grows daily. I have a few events / signings scheduled for July and August, but for now, Germany is the main event of the summer. As requested, I shall take way too many pictures and post them at some point, whether here, my website, or my Facebook page. Probably all three. 

     And once I get home, I start online classes, so those and driving will likely constitute the rest of my summer. I'm eager to return to LU in the fall and begin life as a college sophomore, and I'm so thankful that my amazing writer friend M.F. will be on the same hall with me! Next year's gonna be great. 

     I'll be back soon with pictures! Have a great summer, eat organic veggies, and don't do stupid things.