A Glowing Review of FR!

I received this wonderful review on my Fallen Rose Amazon page earlier this week and thought I'd share it with you (in case you needed any convincing to order a copy). ;) 

"Get ready for a trip that is sometimes harrowing, sometimes thrilling, sometimes romantic, and always full of surprises when you read Fallen Rose. This is a sequel to Young Falcon, and while I'm sure it can be thoroughly enjoyed as a first read, I strongly recommend reading Young Falcon first. You will get to know the fascinating characters and see how their earlier decisions and actions--and their perilous adventures--led to the epic struggles of this book. The central character, a young girl named Elysia, is caught up in a battle waged by the forces of a power-hungry despot against the elven cities. Her story intertwines with other narratives in ingenious ways, often taking the reader's breath away and making it almost impossible to set the book down. The author's teeming imagination and descriptive powers will leave readers of Fallen Rose eagerly awaiting the third volume in the 'Sons and Daughters' series." - Mary E. Weed

Convinced yet? If not, head over to the reviews page and check out additional adulations of the newest book in the Sons and Daughters series, Fallen Rose! People of all ages have loved both YF and FR, so don't hesitate to order a copy today and learn what all the buzz is really about! Carry on, lovely people!