Hello from Virginia

Well, I'm in Virginia in my brother's house, and I''ve been here since ... Wednesday, I think? Yes, Wednesday. We had two extremely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG days in the car driving through Arkansas and Tennessee (though the mountain drives were pretty) and so far, the stay here has been fun and relaxing. Sort of. There are a lot of people in this small house. And two dogs. And a turtle. A turtle, you say? Yes, a turtle. I'll talk about him later. 

So on Thursday, I got to take a tour of Liberty University, which is where my brother goes and where I will probably go to college. That was a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit about the school. Liberty is BIIIG, but I think that'll be okay. We also went running on some of Liberty's mountain trails, along with Apollo, one of my brother's dogs. That was very fun as well, but very tiring, as it was basically an uphill hike.Yesterday, we went out to the trails again, and this time we went a different way. We came out at a lake, and my brother goes, "Hey, look, a baby turtle!"So I of course hopped in and caught the little guy. He didn't like me very much. But I found a plastic grocery bag on the trail, filled it with water (surprisingly it didn't have any holes), and put the turtle in it to take him home. Now apparently this turtle dislikes me so much he felt the need to commit 

suicide to get away from me, because in the car, I took him out of his bag so I could move the rock at the bottom and he leaped under the seat within a matter of seconds. No, he did not fall. He leaped. And thus ensued the twenty minutes of searching under the seat. He's pretty small, so it took my brother a while to find him. And when he did, the turtle was eating a Twizzler that had fallen under the seat. *facepalm* We took him home, put him in a temporary Tupperware container, and left to eat. We went to Petsmart on the way back and bought him a slightly bigger little container, some food, and a rock. When we got back, he was gone. Now, he was in a Tupperware container with the lid mostly on. Sitting on the kitchen table. What. So we took flashlights and started looking under all the appliances and nooks and crannies. We found him under the dog's play box. He had somehow gotten out of a mostly closed

Tupperware container, jumped off the kitchen table, survived, walked alllllll the way out of the kitchen, gone down two steps, and walked behind the dogs' play box. Upon finding him, I told him he was the worst turtle ever. He just glared at me. Needless to say, he is now safely contained in his new box, with no chance whatsoever of making another suicide attempt ;) Oh! And his name -- we found him near one of my brother's ROTC navigation points, which was called Bravo Mike. So this turtle is named Bravo Mike. He is an army turtle, through and through.

     We're here today and then we leave tomorrow. Another two days of long, unending torture as we drive back. UGH. But I wrote 10 pages on Book Two coming here, and finished editing some of PG13's book, so that was good :D Hopefully I'll get some more done on the way back.  So yes, that's been my Virginia trip in a nutshell. Or a turtle shell. Which ever you prefer.      Hope you're all having a great summer!!