I Love My God!

There is a beautiful story behind this picture. I was strolling around school, looking for interesting pictures I could take for an art project, and I noticed some bees flying around a lantana bush near the cafeteria. I thought, "Well, I'll see if I can get some pictures of these bees," and promptly attempted to do so. They all flew away quickly before I got within two feet of the bush. Annoyed, I tried to sneak up on one, but he saw me coming and buzzed off immediately. I moved to some different bushes, determined to get a bee picture. I had no luck, even after about 15 minutes of attempts. I REALLY wanted a bee picture, for some reason, but no matter how many times I tried to get one of the little guys to stay put so I could take a picture, they kept flying off. Frustrated, I finally exclaimed, "God, can I PLEASE just have a bee?"
       Less than five seconds later, a bee plopped down on the flower that was at my eye-level. He did not fly away even though I was about six inches from him. It took me a moment to get my camera ready, and even when I lifted it up quite close to him, he paid not attention and went happily about his business.
       I got six pictures of him, and only when I had one I liked, did he then fly off. This is now one of my favorite pictures, as it reminds me that I am loved by the Creator of all things, great and small, and that He who gave His life for me is alive and present in my world -- and that He is always listening ... even to my most ridiculous requests