Latvia, Lithuania, and Luxembourg


If you glance at the title, you may wonder what this has to do with my books. Excellent question! It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with my books, but my social media aid tells me I need to post more on my blog, so I'm just following orders :) In case you haven't heard, my brother and his wife now live in Germany (I'm jealous). We're getting to go visit them over the summer so we can see their new baby! :D Excited as I am about my niece or nephew, I am also extremely excited to travel around Germany and the surrounding countries. One thing you need to know about me right away—I love travelling. So far I've been to England, Italy, and Honduras, and I'm hoping to add a few more to my repertoire after this trip! The airline I want to use (Ryanair, which is amazingly cheap!) mostly flies to Latvia, Italy, and Lithuania from Frankfurt, so I'm really hoping to get to go to Latvia and Lithuania :D (As a tie-in to S&D, I do have a few Latvian human soldiers who make an appearance in B3.) I also have a desire to go to Luxembourg; I heard a few years ago that it's the richest country in the world (based on size and income per capita or something like that), so I just want to see it. Plus, how many people to do you who have actually been to Luxembourg? :D So I've been frantically looking up interesting sites in Latvia, Luxembourg, and Lithuania, hoping to convince my parents/brother to come with me. And don't worry—I will spend plenty of time with the baby, too :) 
       I'll keep you updated and will post lots of pictures, no matter where we end up going! Have a great weekend, all!