A Spanish nao, the Victoria

I've been researching 1700s and 1800s ships all morning—I have to figure out which types are best for the elves. The humans, of course, have the most advanced navy in the world and use iron warships, whilst the elves are lagging a bit in the ship department and still employ European ships, such as galleons, argosies, and bilanders. I love researching (it's a secret passion of mine), but I must say, researching ships is not my favorite, although I have learned quite a bit about these early ships. Hopefully I'll get all my facts straight in B3, haha! A small update on B3 for you—I currently have about 180 pages and am adding more every day. I have no idea when B3 will hit the shelves, so don't even ask ;) I'll be sure to keep you updated!
        Have a great weekend, y'all! :)