Home sick today...achy back, neck, ribs, and...hand? Yes, my hand aches as well :) So! Let me tell you about my extremely stressful weekend, during which I almost lost my entire 3rd book. And to give you some insight as to how devastating this would have been for me, imagine this: I've been working on it since July 19, 2010; it's my favourite book thus far; I have just written a long part I really, REALLY love; and writing IS MY LIFE. So if I'd had to start completely over.....I think I would have just given up writing for a while. That's how depressed I would have been. But God is faithful and my dear little book is still alive! Whew...
So how did I almost lose my book, you ask?
        Well, let me tell you:
         I was at my grandma's house on Sunday, writing away happily on my 3rd book and saving as I go and all that, when suddenly a message pops up on the screen, saying 'there's not enough room on file E:/ to save this document' or something like that! Now usually when this happens, one simply hits save a few more times and it will save. But that wasn't working this time. So I closed it.
         My first mistake.
         I tried to reopen my book this time and it wouldn't open. At all. It said 'Word cannot open this file because a/ there's not enough space; b/ this program doesn't support the file; or c/ this file is corrupt'.
        Now which do you suppose turned out to be the case?
       You guessed it: C.
       So I asked my dad if he knew how to fix it, because I'd had this happen to 1 of my other documents about a year ago and I just had to delete it because nothing I would do could open it. I also wasn't sure if I had a backup anywhere. Anywhere at all.
      My second mistake.
      Now you can further grasp how exactly panicked I was over here, huh?
      And as expected, Dad could do nothing. So we called my brother and tried a few more various things. No luck. Dad ended the project just by saying gravely and solemnly, "I'm  sorry; there's nothing I can do."
       Kinda sounds like one of those hospital shows, right? o.O
      Sooooo.....we left to go home after that and, as you can imagine, I was totally freaking out, trying, trying, trying to remember if I had a backup at our home computer. But I couldn't remember, which only added to my tension. I couldn't focus; I could hardly breathe! 260 pages written over the course of 7 months...possibly gone forever! (Yeesh, I'm getting anxious just writing about it!)
     The hour-long ride home was so much fun. NOT. I tried to fall asleep to make the time go faster, but couldn't. So I prayed and prayed and prayed for some part of the book to still be there.
     As soon as we got home...Dad made me unload everything before checking. AhHHH!! Did he not understand my life was in crisis here??? (Love you, Dad! :) )
     So finally, after allllll day of worry and anxiety, I got to check. And, to my astonishment ('cause I didn't remember saving that much of the book) all but the 5 pages I'd written at my grandma's house were on our computer! Yay! I could breathe again. Thank you, Jesus!
     “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” – Phil 4:19
     So it's nice to just relax today and know God's got it all under control :) 

Btw - I have no idea why this post is black....No idea at all. o.O