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Young Falcon was the bestselling young adult book on the Arboretum Barnes and Noble Bestsellers' List in December 2011.

Young Falcon was the #4 bestselling young adult book on the La Fontera Barnes and Noble Bestsellers' List in September 2012.

 Reviews of Fallen Rose, Book Two of Sons and Daughters

"I started Sons and Daughters Book Two soon after I had finished the first book, and the transition was seamless. You could literally glue the books together, and no one would be the wiser. This consistency never faltered through the rest of the story, even with the frequent changes in points of view. And even with the addition of an entire secondary storyline, you never lost track of [the] characters.
And I cannot remember the last time I have read a book that drew me in so emotionally to the characters. I cannot explain how much that meant to me as a reader. Every action, every thought is described just when it needs to be to create the best emotional feel for the scene. Yet despite all this detail, you never let anything slip until just the right moment, often catching the reader quite off guard. And while sometimes you let the reader see what's coming, making them think, "No way ... no way ..." Other times I feel like I've been punched in the gut. In short, an emotional roller coaster.
Besides just being a good story, this book is an excellent insight into morality: its validity, or lack thereof, in certain situations, its extremes, and its various shades of grey ... if they in fact do exist. It's nice when a book communicates something deeper than just a compelling story, causing the reader to step back and think about how the book's world applies to their own. War isn't happy, heroic, or something that should be glazed over, and this book conveys that very well.
All in all, one of the most emotionally gripping stories I have read in a long time. Very nice job." - Travis Clark

"I anxiously await the next before this one has even come out! Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book. [Elizabeth] developed all of the characters wonderfully, as well as the main plotline. I have different emotions regarding different events and characters of the book which … is good because [she] made me feel something with [her] story. I really like how [she] balanced atrocity and goodness, not making the world out to be darker than it is but also not making it daisies and rainbows. The whole plot made a lot of sense and I easily followed it. I enjoyed this book immensely and long to read the next one as soon as possible." - Anthony Milan

"Elizabeth's second novel is a satisfying sequel that demonstrates she really knows how to write plot twists. Her book is full of them, but she is always careful to make sure that the surprises make sense. I thought I knew her characters, but when I read the second book, I had to think again. They were already well-developed in Young Falcon - Book One of Sons and Daughters, but this next book pushes them down paths that I never thought they would take. The novel poses as many questions as it does answers, and I'm already itching for the third book!"  - Natalie Bergeron

'I loved this book because it always kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to read more when I was forced to put it down. Elizabeth is an awesome writer who knows how to keep someone’s interest. At the end of [Young Falcon], I had to get [Fallen Rose] because she [ended] it with such a cliff-hanger that it was impossible to ignore! I was once told there is a method to the madness, and I believe she has mastered it in these books.
          I would recommend this series to kids 12+ because there is a little bit of vocabulary that younger kids wouldn’t understand but makes the book an interesting piece to read.' - Ryan

'Fallen Rose is a masterpiece. Author Elizabeth McKinney draws the reader back into the world of Elysia with exciting combat, intriguing characters, and a brilliant romance. This is a must-read that will leave the reader hungry for the next book!' - P. Glenn 

Reviews of Young Falcon, Book One of Sons and Daughters

'Very rarely will I read a book that will emotionally connect me with the characters. Rarer still will that book keep my attention. The story in those kinds of books is usually just too slow. Young Falcon not only went extremely in depth into the characters, but also kept me hungry for more until the last page...which left me begging for the next book.
      The first 3 chapters or so, aside from the prologue, actually move slower than I prefer, but each page in those chapters is essential to the story and, more importantly, is interesting to follow. Without these first chapters, there would be no basis for the story and I would not have gotten to know the characters nearly as well. Deceptive "lulls" in the plot are scattered throughout the book, but do not be fooled. What may at first glance appear to be a slow part in the book could very well be one of the best chances to understand a character's motives. I came to enjoy and cherish these quality times with the characters.
      However, if these "slow" sections aren't for you, don't worry. There's plenty of action! Plus, the conflicts are beautifully integrated into the storyline; they aren't just randomly placed simply for the sake of having some action.
      My favorite aspect of this book is that it has so much variety. Forests, plains, mountains, countryside, cities; no two places are the same. Even better, the characters each have a unique personality. People that seem so similar turn out to be quite different, and people that you wouldn't ever pair together are more alike than it may seem...
     Overall, I give the book 4 out of 5 stars, not because the book left me unsatisfied; quite the opposite! I believe that this series has more potential and that this will be seen in the books to come. 5/5 ratings are sure to come with them! All of that aside, Young Falcon is a must read for any fantasy fan looking for a fresh, new story.' - Travis Clark, age 18

'A lot of people have told me that there's nothing new under the sun, and Mortimer Adler said in How to Read a Book that there are some plots that have been done to death.

     Young Falcon was not, repeat NOT, one of them.
     A general idea in Elizabeth Anne McKinney's book is this concept of back from the brink. Humankind was thought to be extinct, a fairy tale, no longer worthy of concern, and all at once they're back wrecking an epic revenge. Back from the brink has not been done enough, which is too bad because it is an epic way of telling a story.
     Another thing I loved about Elizabeth's book is that her characters are fabulous. The likeability of characters is super important to me - most particularly that the good characters be good and the bad characters be bad, not complicated with depressing childhoods. Another really important thing is that the characters come alive, and Elizabeth's characters really do come alive. Veryan is my favorite character for two reasons: first that he was bullied in his troop of soldiers and he had a depressing (possibly abusive) childhood and was still heroic, and also because he really just jumped off the page. All the characters seemed to do that. If there was one thing I didn't like it was that Elysia was just a little wishy-washy. She needed a little more grit - but then, from another perspective, the other characters had more than enough grit to make up for her. And besides, she was no coward but was downright admirable. It's so great to find a main character that's actually likeable!
    So now that I'm almost done with my unconventional book review, I would just like to say - well done, Elizabeth. Five stars!' - Marta Stahlfeld, author of DarkwoodsPasadagavra, and Graystone

'A brilliant story, a wonderful escape, a vibrant world that draws you in and invites you to stay. Rarely does a writer create characters with such insight into their soul.' — Jayson Hammett, Curriculum Professional

'Full of adventure! Highly recommended! The characters are brought to life. You are pulled into another realm and don't want to leave. The book is full of action, adventure, betrayal, suspense, and so much more, that you yearn for the adventure to continue.' - N. Glenn

'A very talented young writer! I recommend reading Sons and Daughters: Young Falcon, even if you aren't into elven fantasy; you will enjoy it. As a retired middle school English teacher, I find Elizabeth's writing packed with figurative language, delightful imagery and other elements of well written literature. I'm very impressed with Miss Elizabeth McKinney's writing skills. I look forward to reading the entire series of Sons and Daughters, and all her future writing endeavors. I wish all young people could write with her literary flair!' - Julie Meek Burnside, retired English teacher

'I was captivated by this book and I look forward to the next one of the series. I am sharing it with all my coworkers at my job and they love it as much as I do. It takes you to "another world"! Keep up the good work, Elizabeth McKinney!' - Rae Anne Sloan 

'[Elizabeth] is a literary genius.' - Marcus McCormick, age 20

'My 10th grade daughter is not a reader by nature but since the author was her same age, decided to give the book a try. Unexpectedly, my daughter LOVES the book and can't put it away at night. The characters are very well developed and the story-line is mesmerizing. She's very excited for the next book to come out, and I love that she's reading an extra book outside of school. The young author has amazing talent!' - Sarah

'I stayed up until 2 o'clock in the morning reading Young Falcon. It was a great book! Well done!' -  Grace Cammack, age 17

'Young Falcon transports the reader to another world and time. Elizabeth brings these elven characters to life in a way that makes them seem fully human, and you want to root for them to succeed. Elysia grows from naively thinking she can conquer the world to truly believing in herself and her abilities. Had I not known while reading the book that Elizabeth was a high school student, I never would have believed it. She writes with maturity and experience well beyond her years. I am looking forward to the next installment of Sons and Daughters and seeing where Elysia's journey takes her as she fights to save her country.' - Jennifer Mayo, librarian

'I love the book! It is the kind of book that once you start reading it, you won't put it back down until you finish it. My favorite character is probably Elysia; she is a young, free-spirited girl. I can't wait until I get to read the second book!' - Caitlyn Pouw

'It was an honor to be one of the first people to read this book. Elizabeth has a very descriptive writing style, a fascinating cast, great knowledge of many subjects, and a wonderful ability to write about them realistically and convincingly.' — Libby Weed, PhD, Principal

'Young Falcon was so good! I don't usually read this type of book, but I really loved this book! I can't wait for the next one!' - Samantha Walker 

'I was completely absorbed by this complex story. The author has done a wonderful job at building the fantasy world. I am a school librarian, and when I read a chapter to my 5th graders, they were captivated. I have had students take the book home and finish it in one night. There is a long hold list for my copies and students are clamoring for the next book in the series. Well-written, engaging characters in a tightly constructed fantasy world.' - Tere Hager, librarian

'Honestly, I did not expect to be so consumed by the story. I could not put it down. The characters drew me in and I wish the sequel were already out. I wished the end had had a bit more of a conclusion, so I was not left hanging, but I will definitely have to read the sequel' - Beth

'This book was amazing! I loved every second of it!' - Kayle Morin

'I love Young Falcon and read it in four hours. My favorite character is Elysia because she thinks humans are extinct. When she meets some dangerous creatures like giant wolves and humans, she doesn't know what to do. She is captured by humans, attacked by wolves, and protects a dragon egg. It was so good, I can't really describe it in words. Young Falcon was truly amazing.' - Misty Hall

'I couldn't wait to read Young Falcon; I was more excited about it than Christopher Paolini's Inheritance!' - Casey H., age 16

'Young Falcon is totally captivating. I couldn't put it down, and when I reached the end, I flipped the last page, wishing for more. Her book is amazing; I loved it! Everyone needs to buy it and read it. I can't wait for the sequel!' — Priscilla Glenn, age 19

'This book was awesome! I couldn't put it down. All of the characters are developed so well. The author really catches your attention with all the adventure and suspense. Elysia has such a good personality. I can't wait for the second book!' - Tessa Whitaker

'An adventure into an extraordinary world with remarkable characters and unpredictable twists. Definitely a must-read!' - Mia Dedear, age 17

'I would give this book 4.5 stars, just because there were some parts that were a long read with lots of description. I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down and am very excited for the new book. Young Falcon is about a young elven girl who takes a trip across the country to the capital on an errand for her father. On the way, she gets captured by humans, who are thought to be legends. They hold her and a young elven warrior, Veryan, prisoner. [Elysia and Veryan] form a shaky friendship with each other and with another prisoner named Yaron. And you'll have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens!' - Clarice 

'Young Falcon is an intriguing read. Ms. McKinney’s characters are without doubt my favorite part of the story. All of them have a great knack for arousing your curiosity; she tells you just enough to make you want more. They keep you on your toes wondering about what they will do next. Her setting was described in such detail that it is easy to imagine that she might have actually been to the places she writes about.  All in all, Young Falcon was a great ride. I loved it, but I suspect it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It was peppered with teasers in plot and character, and I can’t wait to see more of her rich setting and delightful characters!' - Natalie Bergeron

 'Young Falcon is honestly a lot better than Eragon. The characters have so much more depth and are so engaging. I loved this book!' - Molly M.

'Young Falcon is a wonderful read ... [Elizabeth] is a truly gifted and talented writer. It was no surprise to me that [she] wrote such a brilliant, suspenseful, and thought-provoking book. I introduced this novel to my book club, and they loved it! They are extremely excited for the sequel. I can't wait to see what she will author next!' - Danielle McGhee

'Young Falcon was an amazing read! The author used to go to my school and was amazed at how descriptive and mesmerizing her book was. I loved how there were so many plot twists that kept me turning the pages! There was never a dull moment, and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an exhilarating read.' - Anonymous 

'If you like fantasy and haven't read this book, you should definitely check it out. It's a great read!' - Anthony Milan

'[Elizabeth] needs to hurry up and get the next book published! Young Falcon was so good! It's the best book I've ever read! I loved the characters, and the suspense of the plot was very intense.' - Alex Singleton

'I do not read. Ever. I cannot stand it. But ever since I started Young Falcon, I can't put it down! It's so captivating! I feel like I am actually in the story myself and I have loved every single page so far! [Elizabeth] has done an amazing job.' - Erin Atchley, age 18

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were multi-dimensional, and the plot furthered their development. I felt like I was getting to know real people, albeit in a very different setting, and I want to know what happens to them next! Can't wait for the next book in this series.' - Brooke H. 


Insights: The Brentwood Christian School Newsletter 

'Brentwood Christian sophomore Elizabeth McKinney has had her first novel, Young Falcon, published. The book is the first in a fantasy series titled Sons and Daughters, and chronicles the story of Elysia, a girl who develops a mental bond with a man she's never met. The bond becomes so strong that the two cannot tell their own thoughts, dreams, and emotions apart.
     Young Falcon is available for $18.95 at Barnes and Noble (in stores and online),, Smashwords. com, and some local bookstores' — Gretchen Schultz Allen, Reporter

The Bear Facts: Brentwood Christian School Newspaper, winner of several 'Newspaper of the Year' awards

'After four years of writing, BCS sophomore Elizabeth McKinney will be seeing her first novel, 'Young Falcon', hit the bookstore shelves on Nov. 7.
     "Even in her essays she's good," sophomore English teacher Jessica Love said. "Most tenth graders are still learning how all the punctuation works for a five-paragraph essay. Her being this advanced is kind of a big deal."
     Apparently, getting the book published wasn't as hard as McKinney expected. In May, after considering self-publishing, McKinney found Book Publishers Network, and after sending a few emails back and forth, they agreed to start the process to publish her book. All they asked from her was a few revisions to fix some mistakes. 
     "I've read 'Young Falcon' so many times I can practically quote it," McKinney said.
     McKinney said her book will be available at Barnes and Noble,, and 'Young Falcon' is 376 pages long and was written as a young adult fantasy. The back cover of her book will include testimonials from elementary principal Libby Weed, junior Priscilla Glenn, and McKinney's cousin, who is an English teacher. McKinney said they were given drafts of the book while she was still revising it so she could get critiques and have an extra opportunity to improve her book. 
     'Young Falcon' is set in a post-modern elvish society, which follows the story of a girl named Elysia who sets out on a journey to the elvish capital for her father. But shortly after, she is captured and nearly sold to humans, who according to legend were wiped out long ago. Then, while in prison, she develops a mental bond with a man she's never met, but it becomes so strong that most times they can't distinguish between each other's thoughts. 
    McKinney is still working on many other story ideas. She has already written two more books to 'Young Falcon' and like to create a total of eight books in this series, which she is calling 'Sons and Daughters'. She has plans for other series that would correspond with those books, and others that would be completely separate. She also plans to use the money she gets from the first book to help pay for publishing the rest of her books. 
    Not many who know her can say this was unexpected. McKinney has been writing ever since she was five, when she wrote an eight-page story about a TV series called 'Redwall'. When she was in sixth grade, McKinney got the idea for her first original story, which is now 'Young Falcon'. In eight grade, after working on her story for two years, she had written more than 700 pages and her idea has split into two fairly large books. 
   McKinney also has an online blog which she uses to post updates on how her books are coming, her opinions on different matters, how publishing is working out, and sometimes little segments from her book as well. 
   "I couldn't imagine a better life for myself than writing the stories my King has given me to tell," McKinney wrote in one post. 
    However much McKinney enjoys and spends time writing, she still has a life outside of it. People who know her well also know about her very strong relationship with God. Because of her faith in Him during the publishing process, she never gave up hope that He would allow her to publish her book, no matter how long it took. And now, through her faith and determination, she was able to achieve her dream.
   "This whole experience feels a bit surreal," McKinney said. "This is the kind of stuff you read about or see in movies, yet it's happening. God is so great!"' — Jonathon Reich, Reporter

Articles about Elizabeth have also been published in Salado's Village Voice and in the Temple Daily Telegram