Summer's Here!

Today is my first day of summer! Wheee!! So far, it's been great. I went for a run this morning and realized just how much I've missed running. Aaaand, good news! I have managed to pick up my creative pen once again and have written almost two pages on Book Two so far! :D Not great compared to my usual, but I haven't written on Book Two in FAR too long, so that's a good start :) So please pray that the creativity stays with me, and that I can keep loving writing on my favourite series of all time! I'm over halfway finished with rewriting Book Two, and at the moment there are 441 pages. I'm not sure how long Book Two will be compared to Young Falcon, but I'm thinking it'll probably be a bit longer. Aaaand then there's Book Three >.That one is long :) Book Four only has 95 pages at the moment, but it'll probably shape up to be quite long as well. You might as well just accept that they're going to get longer as they go :D Anyway, I'm excited to finish Book Two this summer! Wish me luck!
     Have a GREAT and safe first week of summer!