Two Weeks Left!

Only two weeks left until I can officially say I've survived my first year of college! Which is strange to me, because I can still recall the post I wrote the day middle school ended ... Now, here I am six years later wondering where the time has gone. Regardless, it's been a wonderful second semester, and I am really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me and my new friends next year! 

        The imminent approach of summer also means I get to venture across the big blue sea to Germany and the Czech Republic (and maybe Luxembourg??)! My niece Mattie will be here soon, and I can't wait to see her pretty little face! :D         

       After this trip, however, my summer semester begins; I'm taking three classes over the summer ... mostly because I typically spend my summers bored out of my mind, and taking classes will both give me something to do and help me move through school faster. 

        As for Book Three, well ... Let's just say it's been a very busy semester. I have approximately 200 pages written, so that counts for something (right?)! I hope you're all enjoying Fallen Rose, though. Any and all reviews are welcome, and please post them on Amazon if you write one! 

        Well, that's all for now, lovely people. I'll try to get the next post in "How Much Is Too Much?" written soon, but as I said, I am a very busy freshman with finals quickly approaching. I'll do my best—but don't hold your breath. Unless you're underwater for some reason; then I would definitely advise holding your breath. Ciao!